Beach training

Since the games and training sessions are done on the sand, the players will benefit tremendously not only technically but also physically.


  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Aerobic
  • Flexibility
  • Balance


  • Free kick skill (serving from the ground with accuracy over the net)
  • Passing in the air
  • Controlling and Trapping skills (feet, thighs, chest, shoulders and head)
  • Heading Attack
  • Bicycle, flip kicks and shark attack

Grass Training

Brazil's Ronaldinho at grass footvolley training practice

Brazil's Ronaldinho at grass footvolley training practice

Grass Footvolley used in football training session – First Touch

Footvolley has become very popular among professional football clubs as part of their ‘First Touch’ training sessions.

Grass Footvolley in practice gives players a fun drill which practices technique, ball control and spacing. All football players who look to improve their game should strongly consider footvolley. First touch is extremely important in football. It’s the difference between giving a ball with pace into the perfect open space for a teammate to run in on, it’s a chested pass which confuses a defender, and it’s the perfect header off a corner which gives your team the winning goal.

Footvolley Australia aims to introduce Grass Footvolley as part of football clubs training sessions and as part of recreational activities in schools.

Football Clubs, schools, coaches, players are welcome to invite us for a demo training practice and game session. Please contact us.