2016/2017 Footvolley Australia Tour

As part of the Footvolley Development Program, every year Footvolley Australia runs Tournaments which emphasizes the importance of competition and training of the players in order to prepare future professionals athletes, aimed to represent the Australian Footvolley internationally. It is an opportunity for the best players in the country to battle in a 2 vs 2 competition to see who becomes the Footvolley Champion Team of the year.


Venue & Date

8 & 9 October 2016 at Manly Beach (in front of Novotel)



  • Registration deadline: 16 September 2016 (Teams registered after the deadline date will not be accepted)
  • All players must fill the Tournament Registration Form below.
  • A player without a partner is encouraged to participate and can register. Please refer to “Tournament Day Sign-in” below.
  • When filling the Registration Form you will have to select the Venue you are playing.
  • By registering you are confirming your presence on the days of the Tournament.
  • The Tournament organizers are: Rodrigo Bellon in Bondi and Mauricio Pascual in Manly.
  • Each player can choose to play one or both Tournament days despite you have or not a team mate. If you don’t have yet a team mate we will find one for you on the day of the Tournament.
  • Registration Fee is not applied.


Register to 2016/2017 Footvolley Australia Tour below.

  • By submitting the Registration Form you are confirming your participation.
  • Make sure you select the Venue you are playing.

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Tournament Day Sign-in

All registered players must have signed in before 7.30am.

If there are any teams with only one player registered on site by 7.30am, their team mate will be picked from one of the first match eliminated teams. This condition is also applicable in case of any player’s absence including injuries.


Tournament Day Timetable (Manly & Bondi)

7.00am – Setup

7.30am – Sign in and draw is made

8.00am – First match starts

Grand Final

Championship Award

All players help clear court area



  • With the exception of the first match at 9.00am, peppering and general warm up must take place off the match court by doing ‘altinha’.
  • After the coin toss teams will be allowed 3 minutes warm up on the court.
  • For each match 2 voluntary players will be appointed as referees.
  • The referees will keep control of the match by: keeping track of punctuation, judging in/out balls and body net touch, managing players and supporters conduct.
  • The referee will consider the ball IN every time the boundary line moves. In case of doubt, the referee will decide whether the point needs to be re-played.
  • The sand pile must not encroach with the boundary line.
  • All matches except the Grand Final will be played in single set until 18 points. The team wins the match when scoring 18 points with a minimum difference of two points. A point is scored every time a team wins a rally.
  • The Grand Final will be “Best of 3 sets”. The team that reaches 2 sets first is the winner.
  • Due to weather condition (wind and sun) the players have to change sides every 6 points.
  • All players will be advised in advance in case of any change to the Tournament location or date due to unforseen circumstance.
  • In case of injury or retirement of a player during a commenced match the team will be disqualified.
  • The court dimension will be 16×8 meters and the net height 2.2 meters.