The Footvolley Game

Footvolley is a spectacular game with enormous technical requirements and astonishing growing potential. It can be watched for hours without ever ceasing to amaze you. Footvolley is also known as the “Art from head to toe”.
The game reaches its climax when played by teams of two players, requiring great physical condition and technical skills. However it can be played by teams of four, allowing it to be practised by players of all ages.

Footvolley is practised in a organized way in various countries, including: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Thailand, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain and Austria. The International Footvolley Federation and the European Footvolley Federation are the regulating entities at international level.

The ongoing popularity of the game may lead to its inclusion in the Olympic Games. Efforts are being gathered in this direction by the International Federations.

The fact that Footvolley has its peak in the summer months will lead to extra media coverage, as the football season finds its rest.