King of the Beach

The best way to improve your game is to challenge yourself by playing with and against people at a higher level. King of the Beach format encourages this in a competitive environment. It is a friendly and performance building tournament.

As a player you will get the benefit of playing competitive matches and learn how to play with and against different types of players, be able to motivate them and yourself and use the best strategy and system of play depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

King of the Beach is a 2vs2 format competition where you sign up as an individual and play with different people during each round. Each Player must play with and against all the other players in a 2 against 2 game, therefore each player will play against the same opponents but never team with the same partner again.  Also “vice versa”,  each player will team with the same partner but never play against the same opponents.

The winnings will be determined by your game score.  Your score will be your points minus your opponent’s points. The person with the most positive points will be the KING of the BEACH!

The goal being to climb up to the top, playing at the highest level possible and ultimately finishing “King of the beach”. For a King of the Beach competition, each player must prove himself by being the MVP (Most Valuable Player), meaning that he is the most efficient and compatible player that can play with any partner.

The four highest overall ranked players will fight at the end of the season to be crowned the “Ultimate” King of the Beach of the year.



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