Footvolley Skills


Each rally is initiated with the Service of one of the teams. The ball must be played with the foot from behind the baseline, and over the net in order to be valid. There are various techniques to perform the service, varying in the area of the foot used in stroking the ball and the trajectory applied to it. The type serve is chosen upon the direction and intensity of the wind and the opponent that is going to receive (usually the weakest individual off the opponent team).
In order to serve, the ball is usually placed on top of a small pile of sand, so that the foot only hits the ball during the execution of the service.


The second touch has usually as its goal to put the other team mate in a position that allows him to attack the ball efficiently. It is also allowed to play the ball directly to the opponent’s court after the first touch. This usually takes place in case of distress (faulty first touch) or for tactical reasons (when the opponent is anticipating the attack)


When playing the ball to the other court the goal is to create the biggest amount of difficulty for the opponent in receiving the ball. There are various options in offensive shots:

Short ball, close to the net;
Deep ball, near the baseline;
Cross balls, when the athlete attacks the ball diagonally;
Long line, when the athlete attacks the ball parallel to the line;
Fast balls when the athlete has the opportunity to attack the ball aggressively


After the opponent attacks the ball the goal is not to let the ball touch ones court. In defence, taking the correct position, anticipating the attack and a good communication between the team mates is extremely important.