Footvolley Rules

Footvolley is played by teams of two players on a court of leveled sand divided by a net. It is not allowed to use the hand, the arm or the forearm during play. Any other part of the body can be used as a touch.

The objective of the game is to play the ball over the net to the opponent’s court, without ever touching the ground.

The game starts with a serve. The ball is placed on the ground, and the server can build a little hill, placing the ball on it, and then kicking it over the net.
Each team is allowed a maximum of 3 touches or a minimum of 1 touch before sending the ball to the other side. No player can touch the ball consecutively at any time or situation of the game.


A game of Footvolley can be played in various ways:
Best of 3 sets. The team that reaches 2 sets first is the winner. Each set is played until a minimum of 15 points by a difference of two points.

One set until 21 points. The team that reaches 21 points with a minimum difference of two points wins the match;

One set until 15 points. The team that reaches 15 points with a minimum difference of two points wins the match.

Playing Field

The playing field is rectangular shaped measuring 18 meters long (lateral court lines) by 9 meters wide (end lines). The ‘free zone’, the space between the boundary lines and the advertising boards, should be at least 3 meters wide.

Note: The playing field is made up of fine, leveled sand, free of rocks, shells or any material that might pose an injury threat to the athletes.

Service Area

The service area is situated behind the baseline and between the side lines.


The net is 9.5 meters in length by 1 meter in width and is situated in the middle of the playing field.

The tape indicating the lateral court lines and the end lines must be 5-8 centimetres in width and if cords are used instead, they must be 20-30 millimetres in width.


The antennas will be flexible rods measuring 1.8 meters in height and 10 millimetres in diameter. These are positioned perpendicularly in the external part of each lateral strip, parallel to the rod, supported by the inferior edge of the net. These must be exposed 80 cm above the superior edge of the net. These must be painted, preferably, in red and white every 10 cm from one end to the other.

Height of the Net

The official height of the net in international events is 2.20 meters for the men and 2 meters for the ladies.