Footvolley History

The original concept of the sport was invented to be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere, a cheap and accessible sport for all.

FootVolley has become one of the fasting growing sports gaining international recognition and popularity over the past years; and is played according to the same field rules of beach volleyball but without using hands. The game has attracted many international football’s stars especially in Brazil – from where the game has been launched in 1965.

Teams of footvolley had five a side initially. Due to the skill level of the then footvolley athletes (nearly all were professional football players); the ball would rarely drop. Thus, the players began lowering the number of players on each side, eventually settling on 2 versus 2, which is still in use today.

In recent years, professional football players have taken up footvolley in both promotional events and celebrity matches.

Women are also getting more involved developing a more technical game, which is as impressive as the men’s.

First official footvolley tournament was organized in 1990s on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2011 UAE hosted the Footvolley World Cup with participation of 27 countries. The event was the first official cup belonging to the International Federation of Volleyball.