Footvolley Australia

Footvolley Australia started when a group of friends decided to bring the sport famously played at Brazilian beaches to the Sydney Northern Beaches. In the summer of 2008 they pitched in to buy the net and poles and began playing footvolley over the weekends at Long Reef beach.

As volleyball nets had begun populating the sands of famous Manly beach, the group also made sure to play there, where they were watched with curiosity by the fellow volleyball players wondering- Footvolley…Play Volleyball with WHAT?… foot?!
Many locals and several tourists stop to watch, film and take pictures of this fascinating sport packed with acrobatics. More players have joined us by the spread of word among friends or just by watching us head, chest shoulder and volley the ball over the net. Football players and enthusiasts have also been asking to have a go on the tricks and learn the new skills.
Learning the fact that Footvolley began gaining popularity and the number of players interested in footvolley increased, Footvolley Australia (FVA) decided to create the official organisation for the sport in Australia.


Our Mission

Footvolley Australia is committed to supporting development and growth of the practice of footvolley -an innovative physical and recreational activity- to promote physical and mental health, well-being and social interaction of Australians in a safe environment for the local community to communities across Australia.

Additionally, Footvolley Australia strongly encourages well-balanced eating habits to promote healthy Australians.

We will promote and grow Footvolley’s position and profile through successful working relationships with stakeholders; innovative thinking; develop performance of Australian athletes; and a dynamic management team.


Our Core Values

We will:
a. Be open, ethical and accountable in all that we do
b. Proactively operate as a leader in the Australian and global Footvolley community
c. Be aware of, respect and be responsive to stakeholder needs
d. Enjoy and have pride in our work
e. Actively embrace change


Our Vision

To increase the participation levels of Footvolley throughout NSW and Australia to levels comparable with Australia’s traditional sports.

To provide professional and high quality Jump into It opportunities for all ages and levels.

To provide and increase the number of professional and high quality social competition opportunities.

To establish Footvolley as a school sport and provide the coaching resources necessary for this.

To make the sport of Footvolley better accessible to the general public and developing athletes by increasing the number of learning and competition opportunities available.

Australian Footvolley

Footvolley Australia is a not for profit incorporated National Sporting Organisation formed to establish, guide and promote the development of footvolley in Australia.

FVA came to officialise footvolley by registering new members, organising coaching to men, women and children and coordinating a future national league. FVA aims to create strong national teams to represent Australia at international events in USA, Europe and Asia, including the Footvolley World Cup and showcase at the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016.

Footvolley Australia expects the sport to gain ground across Australia and become an active participant internationally.