Presenting Footvolley to the Australian Public

It is really hard playing Footvolley when you have a camera man inside the court or with a GoPro camera attached to your chest.

Footvolley has had its first appearance on national television in Australia. ABC presented a report about our game on the 7:30 Report.

The presenter Ben Knight introduced Footvolley quoting:

“It’s not soccer and it’s not volleyball, but it is amazing to watch. Footvolley is exactly what it sounds like, a version of beach volleyball where you can use anything but your arms and your hands. The sport began on the beaches of Brazil as a way for soccer players to hone their skills. It’s now played all over the world. It even has a World Cup.”

Footvolley is very popular in Brazil. Surprisingly the states that don’t have beaches are the best ones in the sport. It can be easily practiced in clubs, parks and warehouse reason why the Europeans are getting so good at it.

The sport is rapidly gaining international exposure and the World Cup in Brazil will definitely speed up this process.  Due it is played on the beach using football skills, Footvolley captures the essence of Brazilian culture. It is the only sport that includes the beach culture, skills, passion for football and “ginga” in one unique game.

Footvolley is starting to get ground in Australia. A report like this is essential to the growth of the game in Down Under. Footvolley nets are popping up in various states and beaches around Australia. Sydney, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne are the places where you can find Footvolley these days in Oz. Even our neighbour New Zealand has taken on the game.

The upcoming Tournaments and training sessions will boost the sport even more and we hope the Australian public embraces the sport so we can see Australia participating in international competitions soon.

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