II Footvolley 4X4 World Cup

After the great success of the first edition that took place on Ipanema Beach last March, SulAmérica presents II Footvolley 4×4 World Championship that took place between the 8th and 10th of March 2012. The innovation is the new head office: this time, the arena, which will host some of the best players of the world in the modality was set on Copacabana Beach. Altogether, eight teams took part in the dispute for the title. The champion of 2011, Paraguay, strives for the second championship. Besides Brazil and Paraguay, the participation of the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Argentinean and Italian teams is confirmed. SporTV broadcasted the event live.
Unlike the traditional footvolley, the 4×4 style has four players in each team and the net height is lower, which makes the match more dynamic. The format has been developed taking the entertainment in account, focusing on the spectators and TV broadcast, the Global Footvolley 4×4 represents the change of paradigm and aims to help professionalize the sport. “We want the footvolley to find its place, to become a popular sport. For this purpose, we’ve been investing in this modality, a tournament model that is good for both spectators and TV, with more plasticity and nice moves”, says Alan Adler, CEO of IMX, the company that organizes the event.
A Brazilian creation, footvolley is democratic, and one of the most played sports during summer in Rio de Janeiro. “Footvolley joins two popular passions: soccer and beach. We believe in the success of this combination. The actual condition of footvolley features a highly attractive opportunity. A sport with millions of enthusiasts in large expansion, but yet on the verge professional development”, explains Marcia Casz, sports vice-president of IMX.

In the finals Romários’s Brasil 1, the first team to assure a place in the semifinals after winning the game against Uruguay on a 25 x 15 score, faced Brasil 2, the team headed by Renato Gaúcho. Both teams got the semifinals with no losses: three victories each.

Paraguay beats Italy and ended in 3rd place. The team leaded by Renato Gaúcho beats Romario’s team in the final and is champion of the II Footvolley 4×4 World Cup.

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